Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Manage, Monitor and Support Remotely

Whether you want to remotely monitor and manage your own environment or have our dedicated team take care of everything for you, Datto RMM is a secure and fully-featured remote monitoring and management platform providing a unique combination of scalability, efficiency, and usability. Datto RMM is 100% cloud-based, which means it is scalable, accessible, and requires no system maintenance; It’s the perfect balance of powerful features and ease of use that was built from day one on a secure and scalable architecture with usability in mind.


Explore Datto RMM’s Top Features

Datto RMM is 100% cloud-based, which means it is scalable, accessible, and requires no system maintenance; A next Generation RMM solution at your fingertips and at lower costs.

Flexible Patch Management

With Datto RMM’s built-in patch management software, you can automate patch policies for updating machines and server patching. This helps keep machines secure from the latest threats and saves you time.

Monitoring, Automation and Scripting

Powerful RMM scripts and automated policies, such as ransomware detection, are the power behind Datto RMM. Admins have control over when, where, and how automated tasks are performed, taking productivity to the next level. Save time and money!

Rapid Remote Access & Support

Service technicians can initiate their choice of remote support options with a single click. Datto RMM is an intuitive tool, built to help MSPs and IT Departments simplify complex work.

Dynamic Automation with RMM Scripts

Policies are the power behind Datto RMM’s dynamic automation. Administrators have the ultimate control over when, where, and how automated tasks are performed. Easily import your own scripts, or download hundreds of free scripts to automate frequent tasks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Datto RMM monitors all of your devices in real-time instantly informing you of current issues and flagging potential problems. Devices include: servers, VMs, ESXi, PCs, laptops and network devices. Powerful auto-response to alerts resolve problems automatically or simplify troubleshooting by providing technicians with useful diagnostic information.

Ransomware Detection

Monitor for crypto-ransomware on endpoints, and receive immediate alerts when a device is infected. Automated responses attempt to kill the ransomware process and isolate the infected device to prevent the spread of ransomware, only maintaining contact with Datto to allow technicians to take effective action..

Multitasking Support has Never Been Easier

When devices need support from a technician, Datto RMM enables your engineers to rapidly and securely connect to any device, regardless of location. Our range of remote support tools enables efficient troubleshooting and assistance without interrupting the end-user.
Datto RMM has an HTML5-based remote control built-in to the platform, meaning your technicians can access any supported device from any device.

Support Complex Networks

Support large and complex networks with essential capabilities such as policy-based patch approvals, local caching, and device-level compliance reporting.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)